KISSAMOS: There are saved roman ruins of baths, aqueduct, cemetery, mosaic floors, Mycenaean years Sanctuary (Seli) and part of the Venetian fortress (Castel Chissamos).

POLYPHNIA: An important, ancient city in western Crete, and the best fortified. There are saved part of its walls, carved houses, tombs, a temple with a huge altar, roman ruins and a majestic aqueduct.

GRAMBOYSSA: Islet crowned with a castle built by the Venetians in 1584.

POTAMIDA: Secret school (Krypho Scholio), geological phenomenon "komolithi".

FALASSARNA: There are still saved retaining walls, foundations of houses, part of walls of the citadel, a stone throne and part of the ancient port.

AGIA SOFIA: Church inside an impressive cave.

CHRYSOSKALITISSA: A historic monastery with a long tradition.

LOUSAKIES: Churches from the Venetian era.

MITHIMNA: An ancient city of the Minoan era.

KALATHENES: A Venetian castle and the mansion "Rotonda".

KEFALI: An orthodox church with frescoes, a Venetian mansion.

POKKA: Ancient city with Acropolis.

GONIA: A 17th century monastery with a great collection of post-Byzantine icons and many historical and religious relics.

DRAPANIAS: Venetian mansion “Vila Trevizan”.

DIKTYNNA: Temple and sanctuary dedicated to Artemis - Diktynna.

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